WHY CAN’T FRANK FUCKING GALLAGHER JUST FUCKING DIE? I’m yet to hate any character in TV as much as I hate him. I’ll take Joffrey any day over that piece of shit.

 2/100 gifs of ZELO 

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If you say so Bbang...

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Cute and sexy Daeyunnie...(ღ♥⌣♥ღ)

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Choi Junhong (Hangul: 최준홍; born October 15, 1996) better known by his stage name Zelo, is a South Korean rapper, dancer, singer and beatboxer. He is best known as a member of a South Korean K-Pop group, B.A.P as the maknae (youngest) and is the lead rapper of the group.

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Reasons why Choi Junhong needs to be stopped: heavenly thighs

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Cappuchino like lady

Sing me the song of your people